the layout

You're currently viewing the first version of Like a Boss. It's pretty simple, but it works for me. And it gets the job done, which is all that matters. (As Benson would approve.) I used an official image of our favorite gumball machine along with the font face Fabrics. The layout was designed in PSP9 and coded in Notepad. Credits for resources used can be found here.

the name

Naming websites is almost always a huge chore and major source of stress for me. I either can't think of anything good or come up with 50 titles I love. In this case, it was the latter. There are just so many routes you can take with Benson - his anger, his being a gumball machine, the fact that he's a boss. It took a lot of back-and-forth and consideration, but I finally went with Like a Boss. I like that phrase, and it's perfect for Benson. Not only is he a legit boss, but he gets stuff done.. like a boss. I did have my concerns using an internet catchphrase as the title, but hopefully it stands the test of time. If it doesn't though, I have plenty of names on backup!



Benson, Regular Show, and all related names are copyright © Cartoon Network Studios. This is an unofficial, non-profit fansite made by a fan, for fans. No infringement intended. Like a Boss is copyright © 2014 Sarah.