Despite his commitment to his job and its importance to him, Benson does have hobbies and is talented in other areas. While he may not be as active as he once was, these abilities are still a part of him.

stick hockey

Benson was once a champion stick hockey player. This is revealed in an episode (aptly named "Stick Hockey") where Mordecai and Rigby unearth an old stick hockey table and become engrossed in it. Having once been a champion player, Benson warns them that the game is just a waste of time. Benson wrongly gets rid of the table and has to get back in the game in order to save it, as well as Mordecai and Rigby. He must face his old rival, Chong, who killed Benson's protege, Dave. Thankfully, Benson - or Double Dragon, as he was known in his stick hockey days - still has the skill and is able to defeat Chong. He gets the table back and is even willing to play with Mordecai and Rigby, but in true slacker fashion, they've lost interest in stick hockey by now. Poor Benson.


Benson is a very talented musician. He is a skilled drummer and even played in a band once, Hair to the Throne. Benson played what is known as "the most impossible drum solo in the world", though for the longest time no one knew he was the one who performed it. He plays it again, only this time, hundreds of people witness it. Benson also plays in the drums in "This is My Jam". He joins the other employees with their makeshift band to combat the ear worm "Summertime Lovin'".

His interest in music is pretty strong, as it even causes him to break one of his own rules ("Don't touch anything!") when he sees a signed guitar at Mr. Maellard's. Benson takes it out of its case to admire and pretend to play it, but ends up breaking it. With help from Mordecai and Rigby he is able to replace the guitar.

Benson's musical abilities do go to his head, as he is kicked out of Mordecai and Rigby's band when he becomes overly critical of the other band members' performance.



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