Regular Show is an American animated series that currently runs on Cartoon Network. It was created by J.G. Quintel, who also happens to do voice work for the show. (As Mordecai, High-Five Ghost, and various others.)

The series takes place in a city park and focuses on two of its workers, Mordecai (a blue jay) and Rigby (a raccoon). They are both slackers, with Rigby being a bit more guilty of this, and often get into trouble because of it. Just about every episode has something of a supernatural or "weird" occurrence take place, and Mordecai and Rigby have to work against those powers in order to restore peace to the park and their lives.

The show is rated PG, and for good reason. The word "blows" can be heard on it. Also the word "balls" has been thrown around several times, haha. Though it's very cleverly used in a way that isn't outright dirty. Not to mention that a lot of times, the goings-on in the show are just so bizarre you have to wonder what the writers were on when they thought of it. However, I would hope that none of this is apparent to any young kids who are watching. It's just nice that the show includes those jokes that adults can appreciate, which is nothing new in cartoons. (Think Rocko's Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy, etc.) There are also some throwbacks to the 80's seen in the show, which is of course an awesome thing.

Benson's role in RS is that of the main characters' boss. He is the park manager, and as such, tends to suffer the most from Mordecai and Rigby's antics. He is constantly threatening them with termination, and while he actually has fired them sometimes, they always manage to get their jobs back somehow. Benson is probably the next main character after Mordo and Rigs as he appears in a majority of episodes, some of which are focused on him.

wanna watch it?

You can watch Regular Show on Cartoon Network. They play it quite.. regularly, and you can see when/if it is on at their daily schedule page. You can also watch RS online at Watch Cartoons Online and at the RS channel on Tube Synch.



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