mordecai and rigby

As the two slackers of the park, Benson has a somewhat turbulent relationship with Mordecai and Rigby. He yells at them a lot, as they constantly test Benson's patience and authority. Benson is always threatening to fire them, and even though he does fire them at one point, he hires them back. However, Mordecai and Rigby are not completely useless, and they do get stuff done on occasion. I think deep down Benson knows that they could be good workers if they just tried, and maybe that is why he is always giving them chances. And for all the trouble they cause, they have helped Benson in time of need; they helped get him cured him when he ate a deadly sandwich, they helped him replace a guitar of Mr. Maellard's, and they fixed Benson's drum set so he could perform his solo. Mordecai and Rigby may not be the best employees, but they always do their best to right their wrongs. For all the times he calls them idiots or morons, Benson must have some faith in them to keep them on like he does.


Skips is easily the hardest worker at the park. He's incredibly knowledgable on a lot of things, and he is also very handy. As such, Benson is on very good terms with Skips and seems to show a lot of appreciation for him. He also shows concern for Skips' well-being when stress puts his life at risk. Overall, these two get along very well, and I'm sure the fact they both have strong work ethics contributes to that.

muscle man

Like Skips, Muscle Man is a good worker. Benson knows this, and has Muscle Man act as a supervisor to Mordecai and Rigby on one occasion. He also has Muscle Man train Rigby when the raccoon appears to have trouble performing his duties. Benson is also supportive when Muscle Man quits his job at the park to be a gut model. (He ends up going back to work at the park.) But Muscle Man can be a bit immature, and his "my mom" jokes get on Benson's nerves. Benson even fired him once, as he thought Muscle Man was responsible for graffiti that showed up in the park. When Muscle Man was proven innocent he got his job back. No hard feelings seemed to arise from this and Benson and Muscle Man are still seen as amicable.


As the park owner's son, Pops is tecnically Benson's boss. But due to his childlike nature, Benson is basically the one to carry out the managing duties of the park. Pops and Benson get along quite well, with Benson making sure that other employees look out for Pops when the need arises. They do have a brief "issue" when Pops decides one day that he has had enough of Benson's yelling. He threatens to fire Benson if he can't stop yelling at Mordecai and Rigby, even getting stern with Benson and going so far as to give him a written warning. However, when Pops is finally convinced that holding anger in is no good for Benson (or anyone else, really), he takes the threat of termination off the table and allows Benson to yell again. Aside from this incident, Benson and Pops are on good terms. Benson even comes up with a plan to get Pops what he really wants for his birthday, which is a pair of fuzzy dice. That sure sounds like a good friend to me!


Audrey is a nice lady who lives in Benson's apartment building, in the room across from his. She first appears in "Weekend at Benson's", where she is hosting a party and wants Benson to come. Benson does go, but is unconscious for most of the party. (Thanks to Mordo and Rigs, of course.) When he does come to, he finds he is being challenged by Audrey's ex, Chuck, to drink a horrible concoction. Benson does so, and ends up getting Audrey's number. When Benson does ask her out, she accepts, and the two have their first date at a dance party. She is also mentioned in a couple episodes after that, and it would seem that the two are currently dating, as Benson says he is taking her to a jazz concert.

And no, we aren't going to talk about how Audrey is a human and Benson is a gumball machine. This probably isn't even the weirdest thing that's happened on this show.



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