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Because Pops is so out of touch with the outside world, and with reality, he relies on Benson to run the park. He's Mordecai and Rigby's boss and he's always on their case.
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Benson is a main character on Regular Show. While not as major as Mordecai and Rigby, he still plays a very important part, as he is their boss and the show's main setting is the park where they work.

The first thing to note about Benson is that he's a gumball machine. It may sound odd, but when you consider the rest of the cast, it really isn't that out there. Mordecai is a blue jay, Rigby is a raccon, Skips is a yeti, and so on. There are humans in the world of Regular Show, it's just that the park workers are non-human. (Excluding Muscle Man.)

Aside from being a gumball machine, one of Benson's most notable attributes is his quick temper. He turns getting angry into a fine art. Benson will literally turn red with rage and shout at whoever is pissing him off. (Usually Mordo and Rigs.) He can even turn physical, punching and throwing inanimate objects.

Benson is voiced by Sam Marin, who also voices Pops, Muscle Man, and various other characters on the show. Aside from voice work, he is also an animator and timing director on other projects. You can visit his IMDb page here.


✓ appears to like cats, as he has many posters of them hanging in his apartment
✓ is the only park employee who does not live on park property
✓ suffers from baldness, which he claims is genetic



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