First things first, anger is a big part of Benson's personality. He gets mad a lot, and when he does, it's in a very emotional/reactionary way. This is a trademark of his character and it's usually a given that Benson will get mad at least once when he appears in an episode. You could say that his anger is an issue for him, but on the other hand, bottling up all that rage is not a good thing either. If "Think Positive" taught us anything, that's it.

Benson may lose his temper often, but he is not mad all the time and for no reason. He can be reasonable and admit to his mistakes, he can be passionate about what he wants, and he can be a lot of other things, too. His anger does not define him. It just happens that he is known for yelling and turning red. But there's more to him than that.

One thing Benson is is competitive. This was seen in the dodge ball episode, "Dodge This", when he was incredibly determined to win the tournament and threw a tantrum when his team lost. It's also evident in "Prank Wars", when he does everything in his power to get Muscle Man back in the pranking game so the park could beat their opponent. Including making it look like the rival park sent a package that punched Pops in the face when he opened it.

Benson is also reasonable and willing to open his mind to certain ideas and suggestions. He has shown himself to reward his employees for their hard work, such as when he treats everyone at the park to a night at a karaoke bar. He also is able to admit his mistake when he wrongly gets rid of the stick hockey table which he'd promised Mordo and Rigs they could have if they did all of their work. He went to great lengths to get it back, including risking his life in a to-the-death game of stick hockey against his old rival, Chong. Also, Benson lets Mordecai borrow his car in return for him picking it up from the shop. He even lets Mordo and Rigs judge the annual pie-eating contest, but that's likely because he just wants to see them struggle with it. (Maybe not the best example..) And even though it took some time, he was finally able to admit that he thinks Mordecai and Rigby are the coolest people he knows.

So really, there is much more to Benson than anger. He's actually quite the layered guy. Which, in my opinion, makes him all the more interesting and enjoyble.



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