2 in the AM PM is a short animated film that J.G. Quintel created while in college. It is about two clerks at an AMPM gas station who are working Halloween night. One of the clerks insist that the two of them have some candy, since it is Halloween after all. The other clerk agrees and they both eat a piece, only for it to be revealed that the candy is laced with acid. Hallucinations ensue, with one clerk turning into a blue jay and the other a gumball machine. It's here that we see a prototype for Benson.

While this character may not actually be Benson, he is quite obviously the inspiration for him. He looks just like him and has the same voice actor, Sam Marin. He also has the same easily-annoyed attitude, and he swears a lot, which is something that Benson would probably do if Regular Show were an adult show. I also want to point out how the man himself shares some of the gumball machine's features, like his nose and his round head.

2 in the AM PM is, in my opinion, pretty funny. And I love that it provides us an early look at Mordecai and Benson. (There is even a brief appearance by Pops, though he has a short of his own: The Naive Man from Lolliland.) If you want to watch it, you can do so here, but be aware that it is NSFW. Aside from the aforementioned drug use/references and swearing, there is a brief scene in which a car and human trade places at the gas pump. Really though, it's basically just not for kids. Nothing terrible.



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