I've seen Benson get hate, mostly on YouTube videos, and I just thought I would try and counter all the rage directed at him. Easily the main reason people seem to hate him is because of his anger. I guess I can understand why that would get on some people's nerves, but I don't believe it justifies hating Benson. He may get angry a lot, but he doesn't hurt anyone. He throws and punches physical objects, and he yells. A lot. And he may insult Mordecai and Rigby, but they have taken their fair share of pokes at him, too. (As in the karaoke episode when they are insulting him, and how Rigby admitted that he farts in Benson's coffee. lol) Not to mention all of the slacking that those two do all the time, it's really quite natural that Benson would get angry with them.

Now, does he take it too far sometimes? I think he can. Perhaps it is his own fault for keeping Mordo and Rigs on for as long as he has, but on the other hand - doesn't the fact that he hasn't fired them yet speak to what a good person he is? He gives them plenty of chances, and I think deep down he knows they are capable of working if they can just make the effort. So why hate him? Because he is the boss and dares to get angry when his employees slack off? He puts up with a lot of crap, much of it supernatural stuff that results in the park being destroyed/trashed, so I actually think he could get even angrier than he does.

I also want to note that Benson's anger is just a facet of his personality and that each of the characters on the show seem to have a trademark trait. For Pops, it's his childlike nature. With Muscle Man, he's immature and always playing pranks or making "my mom" jokes. Benson just happened to get anger. If he were calm and cool all the time, I think he'd be pretty boring. It's actually kind of funny sometimes to watch him blow up, and it may even be satisfying to watch him drop kick a TV out of his apartment. Hehe. So, people can hate him, but I say just enjoy his angry outbursts. They are a part of who he is and I wouldn't have it any other way.



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