It's no secret that Benson has anger issues. He is prone to yelling and turning bright red whenever he gets mad, which is something that happens a lot in Regular Show. I think it's pretty entertaining, actually, which is likely the point of this particular character trait. But it's not like Benson's anger is unfounded or put out there simply for laughs. His loud and emotional reactions have a cause and backstory.

For starters, I think one reason Benson is angry is because he is a boss. Boss characters in media are often stereotyped as mean and angry. While Benson may not be a truly "mean" character, he certainly is angry. It could be because bosses are in a position of power and know they can get mad with little to no repercussions. There's also the stress factor. In Benson's case, he has a lot to put up with as a boss and he values his job very much. As such, he probably projects onto his employees and feels they should value their jobs too, and work as hard as he does. If they don't, it just makes him that much angrier when they goof off. So that could be one reason he was given his angry trait.

There are other factors at play when it comes to Benson's temper. The episode "Think Positive" (03.14) is a very insightful look into Benson's anger issues, specifically his tendency to yell. And as such, it also is one of the most, if not THE most, rage-filled episodes of the series. In it, Benson's self-control is put to the test when Pops orders him to stop yelling at Mordecai and Rigby. If Benson can't control his anger, Pops will fire him. Despite the importance Benson places on his job, he still has difficulty keeping his cool and not yelling. When he buys a self-help tape and listens to it, his memory is triggered and he flashes back to a scene in his past with his family.

As we discover, Benson's family - consisting of his father, mother, and sister - are quite loud and talkative. At this age in his life, Benson appears quiet and shy. He meekly asks for someone to pass the salt, and his father tells him he needs to yell and make himself heard. Which Benson does. This is the explanation behind his yelling, and although yelling does not always mean someone is angry, the two can easily go hand in hand or stem from each other.

It's also worth noting that Benson makes a rather insightful remark regarding his father and yelling..
"Maybe now my dad will stop yelling at me."
- Benson, "Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit", 05.19
(That really sounds like something you'd hear a patient tell a psychiatrist.)

So yeah. Benson is an angry guy. But he has his reasons. And it's better for him to yell and let that anger out than to keep it all inside. Otherwise, he would blow up. Literally.



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